GRC, NW Stedam's Autumn Splendor of Bovon
Brown Patched Tabby and White Female
Sire: GRC, RW Stedam's Boo Radley
Dam: CH Syntifiny Samantha of Stedam, DM

GRC Stedam's All-American Girl
Blue Tabby Female
Sire: GRC, NW Stedam's All-American, DM
Dam: CH Crocat Goodbye Girl of Stedam, DM

GRC Stedam's Be Dazzled
Brown Tabby Female
Sire: GRC, BW, NW Stedam First Class Male of Karleton, DM
Dam:: Jimnet California Girl of Mericat, DM

CH Stedam's Baby Blue
Blue Tabby Female
Sire: GRC RW Stedam's Montego of Alandor
Dam: GRC Stedam's American Beauty Rose

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