CH Stedam's Partly Cloudy, DM

Blue Patched Tabby & White
Sire: GRC, NW Stedam's All-American, DM
Dam: CH, PR Stedam's Rolling Thunder

GRC, GPR, BW, NW Stedam's Singing The Blues of Kittrik
Blue Tabby Female
Sire: GRC, NW Stedam's Damn Yankee, DM
Dam: CH Alandor Feather Quest of Stedam, DM

GRC Stedam's Steel Magnolia
Silver Tabby Female
Sire: GRC, GPR, NW Stedam's All-Star of Karleton, DM
Dam: CH Stedam's From Sea To Shining Sea, DM


CH Stedam's From Sea To Shining Sea, DM
Silver Patched Tabby
Sire: GRC Sol-Mer Top Brass
Dam: Stedam American Beauty


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